Our essence

About Us

The history of Linea began in 2002, when concern about high levels of sugar in food inspired us to bring sucralose for the first time to the country through our sweeteners. To bring this innovative substance into the hands of Brazilians, we were careful to create a functional and stylish package, our famous little drop. Today, we develop a wide range of zero sugar foods with reduced fat, sodium and calories. In 2016, we started a new history with the launch of our Linea Stevia sweetener 100%, a new flavor for you to choose the one that most suits your way of being healthy.

Life lived your way has more flavor

Everything that we do has some of our own way, doesn't it? Our work is a source of self-expression, the clothes we wear show our style and we have special care with health. It can be at the gym or outdoors. With whole foods or light food. Linea believes that there are several ways to be healthy, and living your way life has much more flavor.

Our mission

Nutrition and well-being is what moves our team’s work. We want to inspire people to have better quality of life by offering healthy food with lots of flavor.